Making donations aids everyone

Not only are you clearing up space for something you’ll actually use–instead of storing craft supplies you no longer want–but you’re opening the door to possibly receiving a tax donation.

Also you will be helping others enjoy the act of creating crafts they might not have otherwise been able to do without your donated supplies.

Prepare for the donation

This chain of giving breaks down, however, if you donate broken, incomplete or empty supplies. A little care taken to prepare for the donation will ensure that everyone, including you, walks away happy.

If you’re going to donate supplies, please be thoughtful and make sure what you’re donating is appropriate.

Suggested sites

Below, you will find some suggested sites. When you go to theses sites, you made need to search for “DONATIONS” list to find out what they take.

Also, check with your local element school, scouts and local day care centers who can use your materials. Don’t throw it in a landfill…..UPCYCLE.

Please contact us with people/places that need donations.