Frequently Asked Questions

Posting Ads

ACreative Resale offers you the ability to list your new and used art and craft supplies for sale. Simply create your ad (including description, pictures, and pricing info) – it’s that easy!

  1. Register for a new account.
  2. Log in and start posting ads for free.
  3. Fill out the Classified Ad form.
  4. Describe your item and condition.
  5. Upload your photo(s).
  6. Set your pricing.
  7. All ads will be screened before they appear on the site to monitor the quality of the ads, so it may take up to 24 hours for your ad to appear on the site.
  8. The interested buyer will contact you directly through the information you provided, to make arrangements for shipping and payment, or to ask a question.
  9. ALL TRANSACTIONS take place through you and the buyer.
  10. PLEASE SEND FEEDBACK to when you have sold an item so that I can remove the listing. Also, any comments on your experience with listing and selling would be appreciated.

AOur regular listing cost for a Classified Ad is Free!

AWe understand it may be difficult to figure out pricing for your items – here are a few resources that sell supplies that may be helpful: