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From the ordinary to the unique

Welcome to Creative Resale, the online marketplace that makes it easy to buy and sell used art supplies!

Here you will find all kinds of products, from the ordinary to the unique, at prices that keep you coming back for more.

Buy, sell, trade or donate

Just search through the list of ads, find what you are looking for, and make an offer. You can buy, sell, trade and even donate art supplies to crafty people just like you.

Post your ads, include pictures of your items, assign to categories and let others find your products with easy!

Spreading the wonder of art

Creative Resale is dedicated to connecting people with quality craft supplies, and other like-minded artistic people.

It is our mission to promote upcycling by finding homes for used art supplies, enriching lives and saving the planet in the process. We are proud to limit waste, and spread the wonder of art everywhere.